Buffalo Chicken Sliders

Yes, I know its three weeks after the Superbowl and Yes, I'm still going to share one of my game day grub recipes with you now because...
  1.  I don't think I will ever be one of those amazing food bloggers who is able to plan ahead and make all of their holiday dishes before the actual holiday itself. I work six days a week and I'm no superwoman-so its going to happen on the day of and posted whenever life gives me a breather.
  2. This way you now already know ahead of time what you will be making for Superbowl 2014. You're so very welcome.
  3. I don't believe these little guys should be only enjoyed one day of the year. They are the perfect snack for any potluck party-football or not!
  4. And last but not least... I already miss Football season so I'm reminiscing :( 
Enough of my ramblings to try to make me feel better about depriving you of this recipe for so long...lets start talking about these cuties. Unbelievably moist and tender buffalo chicken cooked conveniently in your slow cooker then piled high on top of slider buns slathered with blue cheese dressing and finished with a sprinkling of blue cheese crumbles and green onions. Easy to make, not as  unhealthy as their cousin the buffalo wing, and cute too. Total touchdown! 

I'm relatively new to the slow cooker scene since I just started eating meat again, but now I don't know how I ever survived without one. I woke up the morning of Super Bowl, threw chicken breasts, onion, garlic, celery, and chicken broth into the pot then went and drank some beer and watched the game, added some hot sauce later, and by Half Time I had a killer meal waiting for me. I want to thank whoever invented crock-pots... I'm forever indebted.
Besides letting you have time to watch the whole Superbowl, these sliders also help you feel better about all the beers you drink on game day. They are much less caloric than enjoying some fried buffalo wings but pack all the same flavor. Ok I maybe did add a pat of butter at the end to make the flavors meld better, but you can be an angel and omit that step if you prefer!
A good tip is to try to reserve some of the buffalo chicken if you can resist! It makes for awesome leftovers like buffalo chicken pizza, quesadillas, salad, wraps...the possibilities are endless! 
Buffalo Chicken Sliders
24 oz skinless boneless chicken breasts
1 celery stalk
1/2 large onion, thinly sliced
2 cloves garlic
16 oz chicken broth
5 oz Frank's Red Hot Sauce
Slider Buns
Blue Cheese Dressing
Blue Cheese Crumbles
Green Onions, finely chopped

In a crock pot, combine chicken, onions, celery stalk, garlic and broth (enough to cover your chicken, use water if the can of broth isn't enough). Cover and cook on high 4 hours.
Remove the chicken from pot, reserve 1/2 cup broth and discard the rest. Shred the chicken with two forks, return to the slow cooker with the 1/2 cup broth and the hot sauce and set to on high for an additional 30 minutes. At the end mix in one tablespoon of butter until completely melted and any additional hot sauce if you really want to increase the heat.

Assemble the sliders by spreading blue cheese dressing on bottom of bun, then a good amount of the buffalo chicken, sprinkle with blue cheese crumbles and green onions, and sandwich with the top bun.