Fourth of July Pancakes

Happy (almost) 4th of July!!! I hope you are all stocking up on your BBQ essentials, picking out your patriotic outfit, and buying plenty of booze to celebrate our Independence Day. You have to do it up for me since I will be stuck at work the whole night :( But you better believe I won't give up on celebrating... I will still have a patriotic breakfast of my Red, White, and Blue Pancakes to start my Fourth of July morning off right!

 And I'll have my pretty Fourth of July centerpiece to make me smile...
Nothing says Fourth of July like some sort of dessert made out of strawberries, blueberries, and whipped cream! But you don't have to wait until nighttime to have a sweet patriotic treat! Last summer I was visiting my family in Fire Island, New York and on the morning of the Fourth my Uncle Stevie made a big Pancake Brunch for all of us. Everyone choose between their favorite pancake fillings and I decided on strawberries and blueberries so I could have a red, white, and blue breakfast and its a tradition I think worth repeating!
 Just mix up your favorite pancake recipe or store bought mix and drop in some blueberries and chopped strawberries for a nice burst of color and sweetness.
 Cook until golden brown.
Top with some powdered sugar, more blueberries and chopped strawberries, and a big dollop of whipped cream.
 And Viola, you have a breakfast George Washington would be proud of!
 This is a perfect breakfast to surprise your sweetheart or kiddos with and will help jumpstart the day's festivities.
 And the best part is that these pancakes taste just as good as they look. 
Don't just save this breakfast for Independence day. They are a great any day of the week pancake and are equally as yummy doused in maple syrup and butter instead of whipped cream and sugar! 
I will definitely miss seeing my wonderful family this year and watching fireworks out on the dock while enjoying one too many Rocketfuels but at least I'll have my Fourth of July Pancakes to remind me of an awesome day!